Welcome! This page provides resources relating to the cultus of the Faceless God, an emerging current aligned to the esoteric vision of Tau David Beth and his pan-daemonic Kosmic Gnosis. More properly, I should speak of a "re-emerging" current, since the mysteries adumbrated here derive from the most archaic strata of the Primal Gnosis. This archaism is not only historical, but psychic, since we are dealing with mysteries embedded within the deep unconscious of the human race. Echoes of this Primal Gnosis have surfaced in the creations of sensitive artists, like H.P. Lovecraft, who unknowingly served as a medium for the transmission of esoteric truths.

In my book, The Faceless God (forthcoming from Theion Publishing), the 'fictional' figure of Nyarlathotep, 'the black man of the Sabbath,' serves as an entry point into the hidden resonances between Lovecraft's visionary dreams and the lore of European witchcraft. The archetypal figure of the 'black man' is traced further back to the archaic cult of Osiris, who is variously described in the Egyptian sources as 'the black one' (kmj) and the 'headless' god. Through a combination of qabalistic exegesis and methodical scholarly analysis we are led to a startling conclusion: Nyarlathotep is a remanifestation of the psychompic deity, Anubis, the dark emissary of Osiris. ‘Nyarlathotep’ and ‘Anubis’ are but masks of a primordial principle: the faceless god—the beast-god—who awakens the primal energies of the black sun (Azathoth or Osiris), which lie dormant in the chthonic depths of the cosmos and the collective psyche of humanity. 

My book outlines two complementary approaches to the reification of the dream cult of Nyarlathotep, both based on the same root symbolism of the Faceless Deity, but fleshed out in distinct cultural forms and symbolic languages: one path approaches the black god through a left hand path re-envisioning of the iconography of the Egyptian cult of the dead (Nyarlathotep as the black jackal Anubis, the dark emissary of Osiris); the other path appropriates the traditional European symbolism of the Witches’ Sabbath (Nyarlathotep as the black man of the Sabbath).

Osiris as the nocturnal Sun, in the form of the ram-headed deity Banebdjedet, the prototype of the Sabbatic Goat. From the tomb of Queen Nefertari. 

"The Great He-Goat," Fransisco Goya (detail).

The Faceless God

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